About Me

Hey, I’m Joshua. I'm a developer, freelancer, and the creator of TimeNavi.

I write about Web3 and the future of the web in my newsletter.

I grew up in a rural village in the Lake District, the most beautiful part of England. I studied Maths at the University of Cambridge, graduating with an MMath.

I spend my free time contributing to open source, swimming and enjoying time with friends and family.



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    Started Freelancing 🧑‍💻

    In 2021 I started to take freelancing opportunities. I've enjoyed working on other people's business ideas and helping them build their businesses.

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    Got Married 🥳

    Great year for a wedding, huh? We managed to get 40 of our family and friends to the wedding and it was fantastic.


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    Started working on TimeNavi full time ⏰

    After graduating, I started working on TimeNavi full time, joining my girlfriend who had already started.

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    Graduated 🎓

    I graduated from my masters degree in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a rough year, since I was unable to write for most of it, but I got there in the end.