Run a function when a user clicks outside an array of refs.


This is helpful if you need to close a modal or dropdown menu when the user clicks outside of it or on the button that triggered it. Most examples online don't handle passing an array of refs rather than a single ref.

import { RefObject, useEffect } from 'react';

type Handler = (event: MouseEvent) => void;

export default function useOnClickOutside<T extends HTMLElement = HTMLElement>(
  refs: RefObject<T>[],
  handler: Handler
) {
  useEffect(() => {
    const listener = (event: Event) => {
      // Do nothing if clicking on one of refs' element or descendent elements
      if (
          (ref) => ref.current && ref.current.contains( as Node)
      ) {
      handler(event as unknown as MouseEvent);
    document.addEventListener('mousedown', listener);
    document.addEventListener('touchstart', listener);
    return () => {
      document.removeEventListener('mousedown', listener);
      document.removeEventListener('touchstart', listener);
  }, [refs, handler]);