Hello There

I am Joshua Snyder.
A Data Scientist
from Cambridge.


A little introduction.

I enjoy using technology and data to solve difficult problems that help people.


I work as a Machine Learning Engineer solving fun problems related to Reinforcement Learning and Natural Language Processing. I also do some small web development projects in my spare time.

Previously I was studying a masters in mathematics at Cambridge and spent my time between the Mathematics and the Computer Science departments learning about Machine Learning, Graph Theory and Statistics.

Some of My Experience.

August 2020 - Present


Software Developer

At TimeNavi I manage the use of customer data and the implementation of machine learning. I co-lead the tech team and focus on driving revenue through the time management services we offer to our customers.

June - August 2020

Machine Learning Intern

Developing a reinforcement learning agent to crawl network graphs effectively to find websites containing the profiles of academic researchers. My approach uses Q-Learning to score URLs along with an incremental learning profile detector to optimize compute performance and adapt to defferent website environments.

November 2018, November 2019


Data Science Volunteer

On two weekends in 2018 and 2019 I volunteered to help with DataDives organised by the fantastic charity DataKind. During both weekends, in groups of around 20 volunteers, we worked on data sets brought to us by charities in the UK who needed help using data to improve their operations.

July 2012 - June 2014

Allerdale YouthBank


Volunteering as the chairman of Allerdale YouthBank I worked together with a team of students to collect and distribute funds to local youth groups in Allerdale. After we applied to larger organisations for funding, we distributed grants of up to £500 to youth groups who were creating opportunities for young people and benefiting the wider community.


See My Latest Projects.

This contains a selection of my latest projects including those from Web Development, Data Science and Machine Learning.


Web Development

Saving time for what matters.

TimeNavi is a start-up from Poland helping it's customers to focus their time on what is most important to them. They help clients organise their calenders by giving personalised time management advice and tips. I helped them by creating a simple website to meet their needs.

DeepWalk on dynamic graphs

Machine Learning

Representing dynamic relationships in a network.

I am currently researching the applications of node embedding algorithms like DeepWalk to dynamic graphs, such as those representing a social network. There has been a lot of work on the applications to static graphs however many of the important graphs we encounter are dynamic. This will be the topic of my Master's thesis.

Find more projects on my GitHub.